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Monday, September 27, 2010

The origin of Pantuf

What the heck is Pantuf?  I've been asked that several times regarding my blog's address.  Pantuf is my nickname that the Hubby gave me years ago.  Sounds like "pan" and then "toof" as if you had a gold toof. So gangsta, I know.  Why in the world would he call me Pantuf?  It came from one of my favorite movies, "Chocolat", staring the oh so saucy Johnny Depp. *swoon*  Pantuf is the name of the imaginary kangaroo friend of the little girl in the movie.  Romantic, right? Haha!  Don't ask me why he started calling me that, he thought it was cute, and it just stuck. 

There you have it, the origin of Pantuf.

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