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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

365 - Day 6

1. My girl loves to dance, and I love to watch her! I get to do just that every week.  I started her at 2 1/2 just so she could have an activity with little ones her age.  She ended up falling in love with it.  She dances nonstop!  It brings a huge smile to my face to watch her do what she loves best. I'm grateful that I'm able to!

Look at how much she's grown!

2.  My kids have 2 awesome sets of grandparents.  They help us in so many ways and provide endless amounts of support and cuddles/kisses for the kids. To carry on the dance theme, these were taken after Belle's last recital with her #1 fans.

The boy was too busy running around like a mad man to get in these pics!

3.  Last thing I'm grateful for tonight is a guilty pleasure, "Days of Our Lives". 

I've watched it since I was young.  I clearly remember being young and in the grocery store and my mom rushing so we'd make it home it time so we wouldn't miss the opening, "Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives..."  I'm pretty sure at that time Marlena thought John was Roman or something of the sort.  I have it set on our DVR to tape every day.  I don't watch daily and I end up with quite a collection to have a marathon whenever I'm in the mood.  Like tonight. Vivian is plotting to bury Maggie alive to keep her away from her husband Victor, who hates the woman (his wife Vivian) but married her only to keep his son Bo from killing her because Vivian was plotting to kill Bo's mistress Carly who killed her husband Vivian's nephew Lawrence. You follow??  Ahhh, good old fashion soap operas.  Much more entertaining than reality. 

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