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Sunday, September 05, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Bestie! Celebrating 20 years of friendship!

20 years ago I was starting the 7th grade. Little did I know how monumental that year would be. That was the year that I became friends with what turned out to be my lifelong girlfriend, Karina. We have been friends for twenty years now. And when I say twenty years, I mean twenty years. There was never a period that went by where we weren't friends. If you know women, you know exactly how miraculous this is.

Here's the thing about girls/women...we can be catty, bitchy, jealous creatures. Women are notorious for being "frenemies". I've had plenty of these kinds of "friends" over the years. This is not what I found in Rina. What I found was someone who was just as ridiculously silly as me. Someone who is hilariously funny. Someone who loves to laugh, and loves life. Someone who is extremely caring. Someone who wants the very best for her friends and rejoices when they succeed and have happiness in their life. Someone who will cry with you, mourn with you, and get mad as hell with you. Someone that you call at 3am if you need a friend right at that moment, and you know not only will she answer, but will drop everything to be there for you.

Me and Rina at the Pussycat Dolls/BEP concert many moons ago.

We've survived twenty years of happiness, sorrow, bad hairstyles, douchey boyfriends, and hideous fashion. We've laughed so hard we've peed our pants. Twenty years of sleepovers, shopping trips, beach trips, Junior High, High School, College, engagement, wedding, becoming homeowners, and becoming "Auntie Rina" and Mommy. We've grown from two boy crazed tweens to two thirtysomething women who've come into our own.

I can only recall one time where we "fought". This was in High School and lasted all of maybe 2 days, and ended with us both hugging and crying like fools. The thing is, we're so close we can be totally honest with each other. I mean, what other girlfriend that isn't a sister can you depend on to tell you if you ACTUALLY look chubby in something, or if your boobs should be hoisted up higher in a certain bathing suit? Who else can you count on to tell you, "Girl, he is a DOUCHE and you deserve SO.MUCH.BETTER!" I've been asked before "Do you still keep in contact with Karina?" This question boggles my mind. You see, Karina isn't some acquaintance. She's not some seasonal friend. Life can get busy, and weeks can go by without us physically seeing each other, but when we do, it's the same two silly girls who neither time nor circumstance can come between.

They say you can't choose your family. I happen to be blessed with the best family a girl could ask for. I happen to be doubly blessed though, with my blood family and my family by choice. Karina is not just my best girlfriend, she is family. She will always be. I have no doubt that we will grow to be two little old ladies in our cute shoes talking and laughing about the time she almost walked in front of the whole school with her skirt tucked into her Snow White panties, or the time we....oh wait, never mind. Some things should be kept private!

Auntie Karina & Isabelle on her 1st Birthday

Chunky me, Auntie Rina & Elias on his Birth Day

Auntie Rina surprising Belle at the Happiest Place On Earth for her 6th Birthday

Today I celebrate my bestie's birthday. Happy Birthday my dear friend! May God bless you with many, many more wonderful years of life filled with laughter, happiness, and love. I consider myself so blessed and honored to be a part of them! I love you! xoxo

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