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Saturday, September 18, 2010

365 - Day 9

1. Hubby told me last night that he'd get up this morning with the kids so I could sleep.  The little guy woke up around 7 having leaked through his pull-up and was not too happy with his cold, wet sheets.  Hubby snored through this, so I hopped up to address the situation.  I brought the boy back into our bed where he proceeded to torture Hubs until he woke up and realized he was slacking on his duties.  Off they went downstairs to let Mommy sleep.  Thing is, I was wide awake and doubted I'd be able to fall asleep. Last thing I recall was thinking "dangitall anyway!  The one morning I can sleep and I can't!"  Then I woke up and the clock read 10:50something.  Thank you Mr. Sandman for putting me back to sleep, and thank you Hubby for wrangling the munchkins!  It was much needed!

2.  I have pretty cool brothers/sister-in-laws.  Shout out to "Uncle Jeff, Auntie Brooke, and Uncle T!"  The burritos adore all three, as do we.  Uncle T came over tonight and you could hardly contain the kids excitement all day awaiting his arrival.  Love to see the kids with their Aunties and Uncles.

3.  My Simply Vera boot slippers.  I bought them last year, and they are the most comfortable slippers I've ever owned!  Broke them out for the first time this "fall".  I'm hoping they are out again this year because I could use a new pair! 

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