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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Halloween Trauma

The boy loves Mario from the Super Mario Bros.  I mean  BIG. FUZZY.HEART.LOOOOOVES.MARIO.  He and the girl are going to be Mario and Princess Peach for Halloween.  Adorbs!  The costumes arrived yesterday so we had to try them on.  The boy was very excited to begin with.

He thought he was super cool as "Mario Bubby" as he put it.  He dug the hat big time.

But then something happened.  Mean ol' Mommy attempted to turn Bubby INTO Mario by *gasp* putting on a Mario outfit!

Please note the terror in Mario Bubby's face 

And then came the screaming and tears...

*Sigh* I have one month to make the whole outfit super cool and enjoyable to wear for Mario Bubby.  He did the same thing last year with his Captain America costume, and ended up loving it. 

 Fingers crossed I can cast the "I love my costume" spell again!

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