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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sally Potato and the Potato Beauty Pageant

The girl came home bursting with excitement last Friday. This weekend's homework: Create a Potato Person to enter into the Annual Kindergarten Potato Beauty Pageant. Suggestions given by the teacher were to create any kind of "person" or "animal" potato with whatever supplies you desire. (Or you could go the easy route and just buy Mr. Potato Head accessories!) My girl OF COURSE wanted to be crafty and create her potato person herself "just like on Project Runway, Mommy!" Off to Michael's we went! Around $25 later, we were home with our supplies and began creating.

Meet Sally Potato

My girl was the epitome of proud.

I had to giggle when I read her completed entry form. That's a fabulous wish Sally!

Monday, March 08, 2010

Santa Baby!

We had the best Christmas present this year. The newest member of the family was born in December....my niece, Sailor Mae!

Isn't she gorg????? *swoon*