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Saturday, September 11, 2010


We did NOT name our son "BUBBY".  I assure you his birth certificate does not say "Bubby Burrito".  His name is Elias.  However, his sissy called him "Little Buddy" when he was in the womb.  And then when he was born somehow it become Bubby. AKA Bubb, Bubbers, Hubba Bubba....you get the picture.  He knows his name is Elias, yet he refers to himself as "Bubby" 90% of the time. 

"Bubb" loves nothing more than to look at pictures.  Pictures of A) his "baby" (aka his little cousin Sailor) and B) of himself.  When we were out for dinner tonight he was finished before everyone else as usual and wanted down!  Out came my camera in order to entertain him and buy us a few more minutes to finish.  He's mastered the art of the fake frown/pout/cry and begging.  Basically his game plan is to wear Mommy down by repeating himself over, and over, and over until I Just.Can't.Take.It.Any.More!  Case in point....

He knew I was videoing him and wanted to see it.  This little gem bought us another 20 minutes.  Smart Bubby, but even smarter Mommy!  Now to get this "Bubby" name to hit the back burner before he starts Kindergarten!

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