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Sunday, September 26, 2010

It's the quiet ones you need to watch out for

I had put the boy down for a nap while I was getting some work done.  A while had passed and I asked the Hubby if the boy had fallen asleep.  His response, "I haven't heard him in a while so I'm assuming so."  One thing I know about quiet, it's either really good news, or really bad news. I thought I'd go take a peek and this is what I found.

When I first spotted him standing there in his drawer surrounded by the mess he made he had a look on his face of "Oh hell! She caught me!" Complete deer in the headlights look.  I ran to grab my camera, and didn't realize it was on video, so I caught his attempt to escape.

The little rat even stripped his bed!!! From now on I know, quiet means RUN, don't WALK to check!

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