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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Caution: Blog under Construction!!

Follow me down this round about train of thought, I promise we'll end up somewhere. Have you watched the movie "Julie and Julia"?  It's about a woman, Julie, who decides she's going to attempt to cook every recipe in Julia Child's first cookbook and blog about her journey.  Cut to a blog that's spun off of the "do something and blog about it 365 days".  In "New Dress A Day" Marissa allots herself $365, for 365 days to buy old, used, HIDEOUS garments and she makes them into something new and fashionable.  I'm addicted to this blog!  And here is where we get to our destination....I'm very intrigued by this idea of 365.  *Think, think, think* What can I do for 365 days and blog about? Hmmm.....Wait a minute, I can go weeks months without blogging!  How about I just blog for 365 days?  That for me would be a challenge.  Baby steps people, baby steps. 

In this goal I thought I'd spruce up the place a little to make it more functional and more inspiring for me.  Excuse the chaos, I promise I'm going somewhere with this new layout.  Hopefully it will be complete soon!

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