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Thursday, September 16, 2010

365 - Day 7

1. My 365 project.  I've noticed how much my mood has changed focusing on things to be grateful for daily.  I am blessed in countless ways, and I'm grateful I'm realizing it.

2.  My new leopard heels that the hubs bought me on our anniversary.  They're fabulous. Great addition to my wardrobe and a spectacular way to spice up an outfit.

3.  My children are healthy.  I've been praying for a sweet little girl who is fighting AML.  It breaks my heart that she is sick.  It breaks my heart that any child is sick.  I can't even imagine the emotions that parent goes through who's child is sick. What a helpless feeling.  I thank God every single day that my children are healthy, and I pray that they stay that way. 

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