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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day 365 - Day 14

1.  Some of my favorite shows premiered tonight.  One of them being Grey's Anatomy.  Last season ended with a shooting at the hospital.  Watching their flashbacks reminded me of a horror that I went through years ago.  I worked at a bank and we had what is called a "takeover".  Most bank robberies are notes passed to the teller.  No weapon is shown, cash is handed over quietly many times without anyone knowing, and no one is hurt.  This is your best case bank robbery if you're working at a bank.  Worst case is a takeover.  In a takeover weapons are drawn, threats are made.  I remember that early Saturday morning like it was yesterday.  I saw one of the robbers before he even stepped foot into the bank.  I saw him, and he saw me.  I watched as he pulled the bandanna over his face.  It was like slow motion as he came into the bank, the whole time us both staring each other down, until I turned to my coworker and told her, "we're going to be robbed, call 911."  I could have ran out the other exit as there were two.  I'm really not sure why I didn't.  Something about never leaving a man behind as they say.  What ensued was 15 minutes of pure terror, which is a lifetime for a takeover.  What you don't want to have happen in a case like this is for the police to arrive while the robbers are still inside.  If that happens, it turns into a hostage situation, which is all bad.  You want the robbers to leave, lock the doors, and THEN the police arrive.  Hoping of course all the robbers want is cash.  As the seconds ticked away I lay on my belly holding a coworkers hand praying and I heard the first robber shouting to hurry up to a teller, or he'd kill me.  Why me?  I was the one who saw his face.  I remember feeling completely resolved to the fact that I was going to die that day.  As I said the Lord's Prayer, I remember envisioning my fiance, parents, siblings, Auntie, Grandma, cousins, friends all being told that I was killed.  I remember feeling so horrified at the thought.  I didn't want my family to experience that.  Funny how they say that time heals all wounds.  Sometimes I think with time, things just get pushed back until something jogs the memory.  Tonight that memory was jogged.  I'm grateful that I am alive.

2. Following such a serious #1 this is going to sound silly, but I'm grateful for Safeway.com!  I order my groceries online to be delivered.  Nothing like not having to take 2 kids huge grocery shopping!  What a time saver and they even carry the groceries inside for me!  SCORE!

3.  My Mommy sent home cookies with the boy today.  They are divine.  Excuse the crumbs.

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