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Sunday, September 12, 2010

365 - Day 3

1. I'm so thankful that my hubby and our girl have the relationship they do.  He is always so loving with her.  He makes sure to tell her that she is beautiful, just the way she is.  He takes her out just the two of them on daddy/daughter "dates".  I know a girl's relationship with her dad is critical to how she relates to men when she grows up, and exactly how she expects to be treated. My hubby is instilling in our girl that she deserves the best.

2.  There's a lot said about being a middle child.  I am one, and I actually think it's a great place to be!  I'm sandwiched between my beautiful sissy and rockstar bro with a three year difference on both sides. I love them both completely and have numerous reasons to be grateful for both of them. But I'll save that for additional 365's.  For this one, I'll just say my siblings in general and being the middle of this Oreo cookie.

 3.  The reason I love Sunday nights!  One of the best shows on TV!

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