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Saturday, September 25, 2010


Introducing Charlie Burrito....the newest member of the Burrito family....*maybe*

One of the girl's teachers had Charlie for a pet for the class, and wasn't able to keep her due to a child being allergic.  Charlie was desperate for a home.  Guess who's house was volunteered?  That's right.  Good ol' Charlie moved in a week ago on a "trial run".  The girl begged.  Pleaded.  Swore she'd clean the house top to bottom, cook dinner, change the boy's pull-up if he had an accident, and rub my feet.  How could I turn down that deal?  We said we'd give Charlie a good week or two for a trial run to see just how much of this deal the girl holds up to.  My feet are still anxiously awaiting their pampering. I'm thinking they'll be waiting a long while.  I must admit, Charlie is growing on all 4 of us.  Seeing the little burritos crack up at her is pretty darn cute.  I think we just may have gone from a family of four to a family of 4 and a rodent. 

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