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Monday, February 27, 2012

Life Has Definitely Been In Progress

A month ago today I said goodbye to 10 years of familiarity.  I must admit, I was completely ready to go. I heard it was asked if there were tears. Nope, no tears.  Why would there be?  I didn't say goodbye to my friends because, well, they are my friends! No need to say goodbye, just a "talk to you/see you soon"!  It was a nice excuse for us to all get out though and raise a few glasses!  Thankfully not too much has changed in that regard.  Although it's a bit different, I still see and talk to my pals(perk of the new job). My new job has been going really well.  Definitely an adjustment (can you say 6am conference calls?), but a great one!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that I have absolutely no commute.  I love all of the perks my new job provides.  Besides the comfort of being able to spend so much more time with my kids, and the flexibility my job provides, the salary increase can provide so much more for my family.  It's funny knowing you're being screwed over, but not really knowing how badly until you look elsewhere.  Two words, HOLY CRAP!  I had no idea just how underpaid I was until I started looking and interviewing elsewhere.  I seriously would have to stay where I was until I retired with the measely yearly increases to receive what I have now learned is my going rate.  Insane. I feel like I'm really contributing to my family now.  I contributed in numerous ways besides monetarily before, and my job and the salary I brought in was appreciated.  But, I really feel like I'm an equal contributor now if that makes any sense.  It's a good feeling.  The craziness of starting a new job, family priorities, and events have kept my plate full.  Add to that the kids have been sick off and on, and the month has flown by!  I have a lot of pictures and updates, and am hoping to get them up sooner rather than later.  Thanks for sticking with me!