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Sunday, October 31, 2010

You know the party is over once you get peed on.

The Burrito clan had quite the busy day day yesterday.  One of the hubby's cousin's wedding was yesterday about an hour and a half away from where we live.  This was the first wedding either of our munchies have ever attended and my normal huge support for the hubby's family functions, in laws, were not going to be in attendance as they are in Mexico.  I was a little nervous as how the day would go.  The big honor of the day was that Belle was asked to be one of the flower girls.  She was beyond excited to say the least!  I woke at the crack of dawn to get myself ready and then the girl.  I let the hubby know that he would be in charge of the little man for the day as we all know that getting a girl to look just so takes a lot of time and hard work!

Thankfully the rain held off for the long drive.  We'd never been to this church, and all gasped when we pulled up.  It was stunning.

We arrived early, and took advantage of taking a photo op.

It was impossible to put down the camera in this gorgeous church.  It was seriously the most beautiful church I've ever been in.

Everyone took their places, and the ceremony began.  It was lovely, and Arlene, the bride, was breathtaking.

Hubby and I were very impressed with Elias during the service he sat and was quiet with the exception of a few inquiries for a snack!  Poor little guy, the wedding was right at noon and we arrived before 11.  He would whisper, "Milk?  Go be right back, okay?"  Normally when he asks for milk in the morning I'll say "Okay, I'll be right back!" When I informed him there was no milk he continued, "Goldfish?  Raisins?  Crackers?  Apple?"  He was determined to ask until I gave up something!
"C'mon Mom, I know you must have SOME kind of snack for me!"

We took a few more pictures and then we were off to the reception. 

The reception was beautiful!  The had a photo booth to take pictures in that was a ton of fun!  I'll be scanning ours next week and posting.  The food was great, music was fab, and the company was stellar!
My dancing partner for the evening was Elias, and let me tell you that boy can cut a rug!  Belle ended up catching the bouquet, and that was the icing to the cake of a fabulous first wedding experience for her.

It was an extremely long day for all of us, but especially for the little man with no nap two days in a row.  We've been potty training and he's doing fabulously, with one hang up: Public Bathrooms.  Elias HATES public bathrooms. I'm talking some serious hatred.  Hatred with the intensity of a thousand hot burning suns kind of hatred. He has a serious fear of public bathrooms and refuses to go in them.  We're working on it.  *sigh*  I put the little man in a pull-up as I anticipated the bathroom situation would be nightmarish with him.  Here's the thing, he's at the stage where he does NOT want to go in a pull-up, and I don't blame him.  We tried taking him numerous times to the bathroom and he refused, yet he didn't go in his pull-up either.  He held out for HOURS.  He was getting very, very sleepy as the night wore on.  

He was being so cuddly, so sweet, so loving, so...warm.  Um, wait a minute, what was that?!  That poor pull-up didn't stand a chance against a days worth of pee.  Neither did my dress. You know the party is over and it's time to go home once you get peed on. And on that note, we called it a night!

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