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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Elias' word of the day is not brought to you by the letters "TR"

Driving the little man to Grammy's this morning we were pointing out things that we were seeing.  Then E saw a truck, and then another truck and this is what he said....

"Lookit..itsa f*ck! Anudder f*ck! Hi f*cks! Hi f*cks!"

Now, he was accurate.  There were a lot of fuc...er....trucks on the freeway this morning. 

Pulled out my camera when we parked and got this little gem.

By the 3rd time I think he got the "trrrrr" out.  I warned Grammy when I dropped him off that he *may* drop the f-bomb, but not to fret, he's just saying TRUCK!  Gotta work on the "TR" sound!

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