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Sunday, October 31, 2010

365 - Day 50 & 51

I know, I know, I'm behind!  I honestly did pick my 3 of the day on the days and have a good excuse for not posting!  We've been CRAZY busy!  One of the hubby's cousin's wedding was yesterday and the girl was in it.  Which meant a lot of things to do to get ready Friday night, and up at the crack of dawn yesterday.  I'll leave the wedding stories for another post.  On to my 365's for day 50 & 51.

Day 50
1.  Elementary School Halloween parades.  SO MUCH FUN!  The kids are all stoked and look adorable!

2.  Volunteering for the girl's class Halloween party. I love being able to help in the class, meet all of her little friends and classmates, and see her in her element!

3.  Yummy chicken pot pie.

Day 51
1.  We had a FABULOUS time at the wedding!  Isabelle had a first wedding experience she'll never forget!

2.  My little fam looked stunning if I do say so myself!

3.  Love the hubby's family!  They are all wonderful!

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