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Saturday, October 23, 2010

365 - Day 44

1. My sister made me laugh hysterically today!  I had sent my nieces and nephew their bday gifts, and they were going to open them a little early.  My sis told my oldest niece not to get too excited because it could just be underwear since Auntie Stacy has a favorite kind of underwear and she might send her a pair.  My sneaky sis then went and removed my card from the package and put a pair of her chones in a gift bag and attached the card.  Inside the card I wrote something to the affect of how fast she's growing up and that I hope she likes her gift and I think she'll look super fashionable in it!  My poor niece opened the chones and was mortified for a good 10 minutes before my sister cracked and finally told her she pulled a prank, and gave her my real gift! SO FUNNY!

2.  My oldest niece for being such a good sport!  I'm thrilled that she loves her actual gift!  

3.  The League, hilarious!

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