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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Disneyland Happy

One of the nights of our vacation as we were tucking the kids into bed, Isabelle let out a big sigh and said, "I'm so happy.  Can we please live in Disneyland?"  My thoughts exactly kid, my thoughts exactly.  Something about Disneyland kinda happy is like no other kind of happy.  It's euphoria to me.  It's just this sense of everything being full of ease, love, laughter, and endless possibility.  I use the reference "Disneyland kinda happy" a lot lately.  It's a reference or mark to obtain that magical level of happiness.  I'm sure it's not only possible to reach only when one is physically in Disneyland, but it's definitely found there!

Our trip to Disneyland was blissful.  We went to the parks for 3 days, one of which fell on the hubby's birthday.  We actually celebrated both of the boys' birthdays while there.  Something about going to Disneyland puts all of us in fabulous moods.  Everyone gets a long, and we are all completely relaxed.  We are normally so busy, both working hard and carting the kids to and fro for daycare/school/activities.  When we are on vacation all of the hustle and bustle goes out the window.  There is no schedule.  We relax and let the day take us where it takes us.  I absolutely love it!

This trip was definitely our best yet.  Elias' reaction to the characters were absolutely priceless. We celebrated his birthday dinner with a character meal at Goofy's Kitchen.  We saw Pluto and he desperately wanted him.  When we got close however, he suddenly became very shy.  Next up came Goofy, which you will see the picture in my previous picture post!  He BAWLED his eyes out!  Then Minnie came to save the day by giving him a "high five".  One thing my boy LOVES to do is give high fives.  From then on he wanted to high five every single character multiple times.  He about lost his mind when he saw his "boys", Buzz and Woody.  He could not get enough of them!  He still is talking nonstop about "Go to Disneyland, high five Buzz and Woody, okay?  Let's go!"

Isabelle was a sweetheart as always with her brother.  So very kind and helpful.  She loved enjoying his reactions and pointing things out to him.  She was adorable with both me and hubby thanking us profusely and saying what a wonderful time she was having. 

I know that everyday can't be a Disneyland kinda day, but I can't wait to go back!  Everyone should have some Disneyland kinda happiness in their life.

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