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Thursday, October 21, 2010

The laws of kissing according to Belle

A little conversation with Belle:

B: "Momma, I'm don't kiss boys, I'm too young and not allowed to...right?"
Me: "That's good, and you're right you aren't."
B: "Maybe like when I'm in college or something I'll kiss a boy. Like, that age is appropriate, right Momma?"

Me:  "Yeah, college sounds good."
B: "Or maybe in High School"
Me:  "Yeah, Daddy might not like that too much, don't tell him that."
B: "You need to be like, all the way full in love to kiss a boy, so maybe I'll just stick to college."

Me:  "That sounds like a good idea."
B: "Yeah.....I think that's a good plan
Me: "Great plan."

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