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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Bubby!

It's incredibly hard to believe that my baby is 3 years old.  My womb literally begins to ache when I realize my baby is three years old.  The hubby and I are 99% sure that he is our last.  He will always be the baby.  Which means, he needs to just slow his little butt down with all of this growing up!  I mean really, who does he think he is?! 

I had made mickey mouse chocolate chip pancakes to send with him over to Grammy's today.  Unfortunately we're in the middle of closing out our Quarter End and audit at work, which means I can't take time off. I still wanted to attempt to make his day special, so I made his yummy breakfast the night before.  I woke up to my alarm and then the Hubby whispering that he was going to call in and take the day off to spend with the little man. Fabulous!  Although this threw a wrench into my plans because I normally just wake him up and out the door we go.  I hadn't even decorated yet!  I flew out of bed and put up streamers and balloons.  *Just a little tip, never try blowing up balloons first thing in the morning when your asthma is flaring up.  Trust me on that one!* 

Got the troops assembled and it was birthday breakfast time. Elias loved being sung to and blowing out his candles!  He even sang Happy Birthday to himself!

Breakfast was a hit!  Bubbers loved it!

I dropped the girl off at school and ran back in for some quick hugs and kisses for my boys.  They looked perfectly content in their jammies watching Toy Story 2 when I left.

Off to work I went.  I came home on my lunch break to see the boys and to ice the cake that I had made the night before.  Now here is where a nice little plan in my head went ALL.WRONG.  I made the most hideous looking cake ever. I'm talking Cake Wrecks worthy.  *groan*  Against my better judgment of just completely making a homemade cake like I always do, I caved and went with a boxed rainbow chip little number that the girl begged for.  I made 2 round cakes since I was going to stack them and fill it.  Here's where my beautiful imaginary cake became a real nightmare.  One of the cakes broke into not two, but three pieces.  Which of course I tried to patch with frosting.  To make matters worse, this cake was sticky.  It was a nightmare to frost.  It crumbed (is that even a word?) all over the place.  I ended up with a messy, uneven, crumb covered frosted mess.  I was very tempted to toss it, but the fact that I always make something homemade for the actual birthday and that the Hubby said "don't you dare", stopped me.  May I present to you, the ugliest cake I've ever made....

It says "Happy 3rd Bub".  It was going to say "Happy 3rd Birthday Elias" but the cake kept splitting, and sticking, and I had enough and couldn't have the drink I was in desperate need of since I had to return to work.  I gave up and headed off.  

Later I picked up the girl and dinner and back home we came.  The boys had a fabulous day together and took a little birthday outing to the park. 

We ate and then divied into the cake wreck.

Elias kept saying "yummy" and Belle proclaimed, "This is the best cake ever!  I want this cake for my Birthday!" So I suppose it wasn't a total disaster!  It just looked it!  At least it got better reviews in the taste department.

Elias loved the race track we gave him!  The rest of the evening was spent shaking cars and letting them go!

Happy Third Birthday Baby Boy!  Mommy loves you!!!

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