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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Permitting myself to be a whiney little b.

*disclaimer: I will whine, bitch and moan about my current state to make myself feel better, consider yourself forewarned to skip on over*

I'm a big, hot, freaking mess this week!  Here are the reasons why:

As I mentioned in yesterdays 365, I'm pretty sure I have some injured or busted ribs. They started to hurt a few weeks back.  I attributed it to being sore from working out.  I ignored the pain and kept on truckin', because that's what we Mommies do.  I continued to lift both of my munchkins *oof* who are NOT light by any means.  I pack around the little man whenever he asks to be lifted, and whenever I'm in a rush.  God granted me with my height in my legs, and the little man's short little ones just can't keep up with my stride.  It's easier sometimes for on-the-go Mommy just to carry him.  Naughty me, I know.  I'm right handed which means I always sling him up on my right hip and away we go.  I've forgot to mention the ribs I hurt are on my right side.  My allergies and asthma have been acting up the last few weeks in the evening as well, which throws me into a coughing tizzy.  Again, not good for injured ribs.  I think the combination of all of the above caused my ribs to scream in protest loudly enough for me to pay attention.  Every day it's gotten worse.  Breathing is literally a pain in my side.  I finally have a doctor's appointment tomorrow.  Thank God!  I'm hoping she'll prescribe some sort of pain meds or recommend something to alleviate the pain. 

Being the genius that I am I got a flu shot today at my work's flu shot clinic.  That was not so bad.  The moronic decision was to give them my GOOD side (aka left).  Why-oh-why did I forget I've been trying to carry things on that side?  Now my left arm is extremely sore and hurts to lift.  *sigh*  I'm hoping this goes away by tomorrow.

I was bit by a spider 2 days ago on my forearm.  I'm going to have the doc take a look at it tomorrow as it's become swollen and tender.  Just my luck.

What finally tipped the scales in the "why me" direction: I was hit in the face twice tonight by the girl.  Now before you gasp, we were trying on shirts to see what didn't fit to pass down to her cousin.  It was an accident.  Both times.  The first time her big ol' nugget (and yes, she has a BIG.OL'.NUGGET, she gets it from my side of the fam...sorry kid!) hit me square under my right eye.  I saw stars.  I'm hoping I don't get a black eye.  A few shirts later her arm flung up trying to get a shirt off and slapped me on my left cheek. 

Seriously, I need a do-over.  Or a vacation.  Or a helmet.  Or some whiskey.  Or a body cast.  Or a bubble.  Maybe all of the above. 

*Pity party complete*

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