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Sunday, November 21, 2010

My little lobbyist

Belle: "Mommy, you know the voters?"
Me: "What voters?"
Belle: "You know Mommy, the VOTERS.  Like, the people who vote for the President."
Me: "Okay..."
Belle: "Well, I think the voters need to vote for no smoking."
Me: "What do you mean babe?"
Belle:  "Well, smoking is bad for you.  You can get sick and die.  Or you can make other people sick and they can die. Mr. M  taught us that.  So I think the voters need to vote that you can't smoke in America so then nobody will die of smoke."
Me:  "I see.  Good idea babe."
Belle:  "It should like totally be a law."

Mr. M is Belle's PE teacher.  He's big on teaching the kids about being healthy, saying no to drugs, and no to smoking.  The previous was a conversation we had earlier today.  About a week ago she had another "no smoking" conversation with me.  She told me that I need to tell her Uncle that he could die from smoking and that it's bad.  I told her he already knew.  She said, "Mommy, you're older than Uncle J right?"  I told her yes.  She replied, "Well then, he needs to listen to you because you know better and you're more grown up!" Watch out Uncle J, she's comin' for you!!

1 comment:

Amy said...

Yeah, my kids have been praying for Uncle J to stop smoking for quite some time. Told them not to give up, and keep praying! Go Belle!