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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sun, Fun, Another Piercing, and Dinner

Today the kids and I headed over to the pool my parents belong to with my Mom, Sister, her kids, and my Bro and his two little ladies.  Sans the wicked sunburn I ended up taking home, it was a great time!  The kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  I'm sure I will be sore tomorrow from catching Elias a thousand times.  He loved jumping off the side over and over as well as having me and his Uncle J throwing him back and forth.  What a little fish he is!  Belle loved "swimming" with her cousins, wearing goggles, and playing with noodles.  Uncle J provided us with much entertainment with his fancy dives off the diving board.  I'm thinking he'll be feeling that tomorrow too!  Getting older is a B fasho! 

After our time at the pool and going back to Grammy's to get cleaned up we headed over to the mall for another first time piercing.  This time it was my Mom's!  It took her almost 60 years, and she finally "found her brave!" as Belle would say!  After much hounding, she gave in and did it!  5 of her grandchildren and her daughters were present for the big event.  She did great!  We were all proud, and the kids and Grammy walked out with lollipops.  The whole gang headed over to Red Robin to meet Grandpa for dinner.  After a day of swimming we were all starving and exhausted (and I'll admit to being crabby.  Sunburn, exhaustion, and me don't mix well!). 

It was a long fun day.  Back to the grind tomorrow.  Maybe I'll get some rest! :) 

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