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Monday, June 06, 2011


I received a call from my bestie saying that her Auntie who has season tickets to the Kings won a box at the Arco Arena for the Usher concert that weekend.  The box was for 20 people and included food and drinks.  Hilarious thing is her Auntie isn't your typical Usher fan, but was thrilled just to win.  Finding 20 people though, not so easy for her.  Bestie knew it was last minute but asked if I could go.  Um, free concert in a suite with food, beverages, and my bestie?!  Heck yeah I'm in! 

It was a crap weather for the end of May, but the rain didn't stop us.  There ended up being a total of 12 of us, and an eclectic collection at that, but it was an amazing night!  So much fun, and I have to say that Usher was extremely impressive dancing and singing his butt off for over 2 hours straight!  Thanks for the invite Rinz, and thanks to your Auntie for winning!

Highlights of the evening:
-Akon singing his SNL Digital Short hit, hilarious!
-Smacking Kristy's bum to "Smack that". 
-People watching, holy crap, you ain't nothin' but a hoochie mama!  Plastic skanky girls in full force!  Tip of the day, just because something comes in your size (or 2 times too small) doesn't mean you should wear it.  Also, just because you may be able to afford purchasing such large, um, accessories, doesn't mean you should.
-Usher's Michael Jackson tribute. 
-Dancing with my girls!
-Laughing hysterically.
-"There Goes My Baby"...swoon.

Unfortunately I can't add videos from that evening (boo YouTube for blocking me!), but here's some pics!

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