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Saturday, January 01, 2011

Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011

2010 was wonderful, yet challenging at times.  All in all it's been a year where I've tried to focus on the blessings in our lives and not the negative.  Yesterday was the true test of this.  To say it was a crappy day is probably putting it lightly.  It's a new day though, and I have a fresh perspective.  As awful as it is to be disappointed by people, I think seeing people's true colors can be empowering.  I saw a lot of colors yesterday.  A lot that upset me, disappointed me, disgusted me, and made me very sad.  I also saw ones that uplifted me, encouraged me, blessed me, and inspired me.  In the spirit of my goal of 2010 it seemed to be the final lesson.  I see those who truly matter are my family and dear friends who I know truly care.  I go into 2011 with the same goal in mind, be thankful.  Be thankful for all that I have and all of the wonderful people that surround me.  I will go into 2011 with my eyes opened, surrounding myself with those who have qualities that I wish to have.  To let that that doesn't matter slide to the wayside, and to add distance to those who show qualities I wish not have in myself.

So, thanks 2010!  Sometimes you sucked hard, but other times you were amazing!  All in all, me and mine not only survived you, but came out thriving.  2011, I look forward to a new year of blessings, challenges, and growing.

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