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Friday, January 14, 2011

Baby Envy

I'm not sure if envy is accurate.  Maybe more like nostalgia.  I spent some time at BabiesRUs lately shopping for baby shower presents.  Two of my friends are both have daughters, due a day apart.  The first one it's her second child, but first girl.  The second, it's her first child.  Walking up and down the aisles of BRU brought back a lot of memories.  Probably because my baby girl is turning 7 this Monday.

I remember being hugely pregnant and waddling down the aisles in my nesting phase.  Desperately trying to make sure I was prepared for my sweet little girl and becoming a Mommy.  Truth be told, I don't think anything prepares you.  No matter how many books you read or what you buy, becoming a Mommy is something you learn on the fly and through trial and error.  Nothing prepares you for the instant your heart completely melts and is filled with more love and devotion than you ever thought possible. 

I'm so happy for both of my friends and that they get the blessing of each having a baby girl.  I'm so happy I get to witness their happiness and mooch off it getting in baby snuggles without having to go through labor and the midnight feedings!

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