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Friday, April 08, 2011

365 - Day 210

1.  Day off today just me and the munchies!  I love spending time with my kids.

2.  Today we ventured out shopping for Easter clothes, had a picnic lunch at the park, then hit up Cold Stone for a treat.  Best part of the day was as we were eating our ice cream Belle says, "You know what the best part of my day today was Mommy?"  I said, "right now?"  She said, "Yes!  But ask me why."  I said, "Why?  Because you're having your favorite ice cream with Gummy Bears?"  She said, "Nope.  Because I'm spending time with you!"  I LOVE MY GIRL!

3.  Pizza delivered for dinner & hubby putting the kids to bed.  Time to relax!

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