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Thursday, April 07, 2011

365 - Day 209

1.  First and foremost, Belle had her follow up appointment today with her Doctor for her swollen lymph nodes.  Her Doctor was very reassuring that they are going down and due to that horribly, nasty virus she had.  No need for an antibiotic of a biopsy.  All that we need to do is monitor to make sure they keep on shrinking.  Thank you God!!!

2.  Belle had a major meltdown in one of her dance classes tonight.  The thing about my girl is she's an absolute perfectionist.  If she doesn't get something PERFECT within the first few tries she gets furious with herself.  Tonight I'm thankful that she has such a wonderful teacher who handled the situation appropriately, and when Belle apologized for her behavior encouraged her and gave her a lot of sweet affirmations.  Great teachers are priceless!

3.  My boss let me take tomorrow off to spend with my kids on the last day of Spring Break.  Yippee!  Now to figure out what to do!

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