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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Positive Outlook

Original post written July 21, 2007

I realize I was in a funk and miserable when I posted my last blog. In hopes to not stop the future existance of mankind I thought I'd post 10 fantastic things about being pregnant/a mom.
1. Hearing your baby's heartbeat for the first time. Nothing could bring such a sense of relief, joy, and instant tears as this.
2. Seeing your baby on an ultrasound and realizing, wow, there really is an actual life inside of me.
3. First movement. Very surreal. Yes, you knew there was a life growing inside of you, but feeling it makes it 1000 times more real.
4. Preparing for your baby. Picking out a name, the room, clothes, hopes and dreams about your little one. Planning out a life in your head for your baby. All of these things bring a huge amount of excitement.
5. Going into labor. You'd think labor is actually one of the downfalls to pregnancy, but it is actually the most exciting as painful and scary as it is. You are just a short time away (hopefully) from meeting your baby.
6. The first cry. Instant tears. Instant joy. More love than you've ever realized you could have.
7. Looking into your baby's eyes for the first time. An overwhelming feeling of love and responsibility. This little precious gift is depending on you to take care of him or her. You are the most important person to this little one. You are his or her world. No one will ever love you as much as he or she does or as unconditionally as they do.
8. Smiles. Nothing will brighten your day as a smile from your child.
9. I love you's. Your baby/child can make the largest mess, be the biggest pain in the ass, and frustrate the living hell out of you and still when they offer up an "I love you sooooooo much Mommy!" and throw their arms around your neck, somehow that frustration melts away and nothing sounds so sweet.
10. Realizing that this baby is the coolest person you know. Not only that, but he or she is half of you, and you get the honor of being his or her parent!

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