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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My little Mama

Belle is four, almost five, going on 16. The things that she says induces hysterical laughter. Sometimes, she can be so sassy, but it's hilarious and we have to bite our tongues as hard as we can to not laugh and correct her as good parents should. Every day she gets a little more independent. As sassy as she can be, she also has the kindest, sweetest heart. When I was deathly sick (see below post To Eat or Not to Eat), she was very concerned about me. I overheard her telling Omar that she was going to make a "throw-up" chart for me and chart when he needed to bring me soup. She brought me up a bowl to throw-up in incase I needed it. She told me she was going to take good care of me, just like I did her 2 weeks prior when she had the flu. When I finally awoke from my flu nightmare and wandered out of my cave, I saw this sitting in the hall. She wanted to make sure I was greeted properly when I came back to life.

I later found the throw-up chart she made for me. The picture isn't the best since it was drawn in pencil, but note the detail of me throwing-up and Omar giving me soup.
Priceless. My kid. God how I love her.

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