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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I have a bagina...

Original post written December 15, 2007

Having an almost 4 year old is quite the adventure. You never know what they are going to ask or say. I'm in the camp of if they ask you something regarding their body, tell them the truth and use the appropriate term because you never know who they will repeat it to! When Elias was about 2 weeks old Belle discovered that boys look a heck of a lot different than girls do! She asked with a disgusted look on her face "WHAT IS THAT??!" I told her it's a penis. Boys have a penis, and girls don't. She asked me if boys have boobies. I told her "No, they just have a chest." She was satisfied and ran off to play. This morning we had the following conversation:
"Mommy, boys have a PEANUTS (penis) right?"
"Yes, boys have a PENIS."
"And girls don't Mommy, right?"
"Girls have boobies and boys have a chest, right?"
"Mommy, then what's this called? What's my privates name??" (Pointing you know where!)
"It's a vagina. Girls have a vagina and boys have a penis."
"Ohhhh...okay Mommy."
We then went downstairs for breakfast and she ran to Omar.
"Papa, I have a BAGINA and BOOBIES and boys don't. They have a PEANUTS and a CHEST!"
Omar looked like he was going to faint!!!
She just asked me if I have a BAGINA too. God help us. Please excuse my daughter if she asks you if you have a BAGINA or a PEANUTS.

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