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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Spring Science Extravaganza

As I mentioned in today's 365, the local HS put on a Science Extravaganza.  Belle's class was luckily picked to participate.  It was the last field trip of the year, and a great one!  All of the kids loved it.  It was completely interactive.  There were baby animals and numerous science experiments for the kids to participate in.  From petting snakes to making slime, from being inside a bubble to petting a tortoise every single booth the kids went to was thrilling for them. I also have to say that all of the High School kids that put this on were delightful.  It was refreshing to such a large crowd of teenagers and every single one of them were not only polite to myself and the other adults, but extremely friendly to all of the kids and made sure they were all involved and had an enjoyable time.  Big thanks to AVHS!

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