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Saturday, May 21, 2011

365 - Day 243

To say I'm beyond behind is an understatement! My reasons are good however.  I've been trying to stay offline in the evenings.  Normally I'd spend time with the kids, then get online after they were in bed. Lately I've been focusing on spending time right after the kids are in bed to domestic duties and then relaxing with my hubby.  A clean house and time with my guy are good things! Instead of trying to catch up, I'm just going to start from where I left off.

1.  Fabulous night, and a really good night's sleep.  I needed it!

2.  My workout buddy was able to come to workout with me this morning, which was fun!  Good workout, great way to kick off the weekend.

3.  SNL season finale.  Can't wait!

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