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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

A night on the town

Our "and they lived happily ever after" should really read "and they lived working long hours at jobs that didn't pay what they should with little time to properly spend with their children. There was very few balls attended, lots of hinnies to wipe, and a house that always needed cleaning. Somehow the poor souls lived happy most of the time in spite of this." So when the hubby and I got a last minute invite to the Easter Seals Spring Gala, we jumped at it. A night out on the town, fancied up, not having to order chicken fingers, wiping noses, or picking up cheerios off the floor? And on someone else's dollar?? We're IN!!! We went last year, and it was a lot of fun, so we were wicked excited. Unfortunately it fell on the same day as a few other events. Hubby went to rent a tux and I dug in my closet for something to wear. Fortunately a sweet little number I had tucked away that *ahem* did not fit for years zipped up like it was 1999 baby! WOOHOO! Shredding works!

Hubby was set to do Muddy Buddy (crazy race that involves biking, running, and crawling through a mud pit) on Sunday and had to go register in San Jose on Saturday morning. We then had to trek out to Riverbank for a grad party. Rushed back home to drop off the kiddos with Grammy and Grandpa and channel Clark Kent as we changed into our party duds. We cleaned up pretty nice if I do say so myself. Off to catch BART and head to the city. *note to self, do not wear new heels when having to walk blocks in SF...ouch!*

*please note, I am clothed in this picture...strapless dress..

We unfortunately missed the auction and hors d'oeuvres part of the evening. We made it right in time for dinner. The food was divine. Fillet Mignon, prawns, potatoes and veggies. Yum, yum. Dessert was even better. I was served the chocolate selection. It was sort of a chocolate cup that was cake filled with peanut butter creme. It was drizzled in some sort of wonderful sauce with fresh berries. Hubby was served a custard like cake that had fresh fruit. Both were exceptional. Pretend there is a picture here. We devoured them before realizing I should have taken a photo. Doh.

The dinner entertainment was American Idols of seasons past. Ace, Justin, Alana, and Melinda. All were great. The cougars were in full force screaming and gyrating to Ace and Justin. Truth be told, if we were not surrounded by hubby's work peeps and big dogs I probably would have been screaming like a school girl too. I was a huge fan of Justin in Season 1. Probably to the point of being smitten. Note, that was before I was an old married lady. I was allowed. *swoon*

*Forgive the crappy photo quality, they kept changing up the lights, and my flash was not too happy.

Justin singing to some Cougar

Melinda...she's a W-O-M-A-N

The dancing portion of the evening kicked off and hubby and I paid our fond farewells. He had to be in San Jose for the race by 6 am and was dog tired.

"I'm soooo tired..."
The clock struck 11 and this coach turned back into a pumpkin. It's not often that we get to fancy up and hit the town. It was much needed and highly enjoyed. Back on BART and headed to Pleasanton. All in all, a fabulous evening.
Again, I am not naked on BART. I'm a little crazy, but not that crazy. Strapless dress people, strapless dress.

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