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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Elias' Guide To Fun

When Mommy and Daddy were busy taking care of and worrying about Sissy, I was able to get away with more than I usually do!  If you find yourself as lucky as I was, here's a list of things that are fun to do!

1. Empty your dresser.  Dump your toys all over your room.  It's a blast!

2.  Refuse to take naps.  Absolutely refuse.  It's a waste of time and you'll miss out on a lot of fun.  Beware though, when you're overtired and it's finally bedtime and you crash, you do weird things.  Like sleep with a stack of pull-ups and put on your Jordans.  And then your Mommy might call in your Daddy to look at you, and they'll take pictures and laugh at what a funny little munch you are.

3. Take off your pants!  They just slow you down, and it's easier to run to the potty without them.  Plus, you get to look at your chones when you don't have pants on!  I love changing my chones from "pider man" to "mickey".   

4.  Put stuff in your hair. I was born with rock star hair.  Hair like mine shouldn't be ignored.  I put stuff in it anytime I can.  This past week I gave myself a vanilla pudding mohawk.  It smelled and tasted delicious!  I also put Mommy's lotion in my hair, dumped a cup of water over my head, as well as a bunch of food.  I'm constantly exploring what will make my hair even more awesome than it already is.  Mommy's not too fond of this past time of mine.  After a few of my experiments, she caught me trying to get into her lotion again.  I gave her this face.  This face is my "I'm not up to nothin' Mommy" face.    You gotta work your cuteness when you get caught.  It makes my Mommy smile and melts her heart every time I give her this face.  She's like putty in my hands I tell you!

5.  DVDS!  They are my absolute favorite!  I love changing them from player to player, although I know I'm not suppose to.  This is the #1 cause of me having to sit on the "Naughty Step."  I really don't mind sitting on the "Naughty Step" majority of the time.  I also love, love, love pressing the buttons on the tv, dvd player, and Wii.

6.  The face.  Practice your faces.  When I can tell Mommy and Daddy are really upset about me pushing buttons or playing with DVDs, I give them this face.  It's my "Me?  Huh?  I didn't do anything.  Me?  You sure you're talking to me?" face.  Play dumb with a little bit of cute.  It'll soften the punishment.

7.  Take pictures. I found my Mommy's camera and learned the art of the self portrait.  Please see the next 3 pictures.  There are 24 more but they are pretty much all the same.  If you'd like to see my superb photography skills, let me know and I'll give you pointers!  I'm totally self-taught, but I think I did pretty well.

8.   Call your Mommy by her name.  Or even better, by the name your cousins call her.  If you REALLY want to go for the big laughs, call her Grammy!

9.  Go to the park with your family.  The park has loads of fun things to do.  Like going down the slide on your tummy, riding an alligator, and a tractor. 

10. Put on your Sissy's twinkle toe shoes while your Sissy is putting on a concert with her guitar.  Refuse to acknowledge it's bedtime.

 To sum it up, just grit your teeth and have fun!  Fun can be had anywhere with anything.

***DISCLAIMER: Having too much fun and refusing to nap for a week and a half can cause you to totally crash in the car when your Daddy is driving you home.  Your Mommy and Sissy might then take advantage of the fact that you are completely 100% out of it and take pictures and video with you.

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