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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

365 - Day 189-192

Between Internet issues at work and home and tons on our plate, I'm playing catch up!

Day 189
1.  Breakfast for dinner, yum!

2.  Isabelle had the day off of school and went with Elias to my parents house for the day.  She was beyond excited to see them and her cousins. 

3.  A batman raincoat  + my boy = adorableness.

Day 190
1.  My parents for attending Belle's dance competition and helping me wrangle the boy!

2.  The girls won a Platinum trophy for their high score as well as a 1st place in their division. 

3.  Snuggling up after an extremely long, tiring day and watching a movie with my hubby.

Day 191
1.  I accomplished working out for the first time in months without having an asthma attack.

2.  Playing at the "beach" in Isabelle's room with her and the boys.  Love how creative she is. Perfect family play time during a rainy day.

3.  Watching Elias play with another little boy his age at church.  I adore watching him interact and socialize.

Day 192
1.  Day 2 of working out consecutively.  Take that asthma!

2.  Checking many things off my to-do list.  A productive day is a good day.

3.  Having a husband that is supportive of me.

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