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Monday, February 07, 2011

Practice Makes Perfect

This is Belle's first year on a competitive dance team.  She's taken dance since she was 2 and absolutely loves it.  She's takes ballet, jazz, and tap.  After much discussion we decided to allow her to be on company team this year.  Their first competition is in a week and they've been practicing like crazy!  They received their outfits a week ago during class, threw them over their normal dancewear, and did an impromptu run through for the parents.  Their outfits are little fire girl outfits.  They didn't wear the hats, so I'll have to take a picture before the actual competition of Belle in her full get-up.  I think they are adorable and do a fantastic job thanks to their fabulous teacher, Miss Bonnie.  Belle has had her as a teacher since she was 2 and loves her! (So do I!)  Here's a sneak peak!

 **Updated with her pictures from her dress rehersal**

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