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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Quiet One Strikes Again

Sunday night we had Omar's cousin, his wife, and their daughter over.  Five minutes before they were to arrive we found the boy COVERED head to toe in Vaseline.  Turns out he figured how to scale his dresser to reach a shelf that is up high.  I had a jar of Vaseline I use on his eczema up there thinking I was smart to put it so high that he couldn't reach.  Not so smart.  I threw him into the bath and shampooed his hair 3 times before our guests arrived.  He had wet hair, and I assumed the Vaseline was out.  The next morning when he woke up I found him looking like a greaser.  Think Grease John Travolta.  His hair was slicked.  It was too late in the morning to do anything about it since I had to get to work.  Off to Grammy's he went with a greasy faux hawk, no pomade required. 

As I often do when searching for tips from other Mommies that have been in a predicament that I'm in, I turned to Google and Facebook.  One home remedy suggested Peanut Butter.  Monday night I locked Elias up in his high chair as I wasn't sure how much he'd cooperate with such nonsense and bribed him with a cookie.  I peanut buttered up his head as instructed.  It took 3 baths but it did the trick!  No more Vaseline!  I'm writing this tip down for future reference.

I love the pictures Belle took while I was getting his head lathered up in peanut butter.  His face says it all!

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