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Monday, December 01, 2008

10 Unforgetable Moments In My Life

In no particular order...

1. Waking up to hearing my sister screaming in the living room. I was 3 years old and we shared a room. Our door was shut; it was never shut. I went out to find my cousins asleep on our couch and my sister yelling at a family friend that we were forgotten. Our parents forgot us. They went to the hospital to have my baby brother and left us at home by mistake. We were suppose to go to! That was the morning my baby bro was born and one of my first memories.

2. Watching my son be born. It was disgusting and beautiful and surreal all at the same time.

3. My daughter and my eyes meeting for the first time. I never fully realized the amount of love I could feel until that moment.

4. Meeting a handsome stranger at a welcoming fair when I was a freshman in college. Little did I know that moment would change my life.

5. Saying goodbye to my Gramps. He was a pillar of strength and peace even when he was dying. I felt such love and comfort as I lay on his chest and said goodbye. He was, and still is, an inspiration.

6. Seeing 2 pink lines and the word "pregnant" on a pee stick.

7. Getting sewn up after giving birth to Belle. I WISH that was forgetable.

8. Sept. 7th, 2002.

9. Joshua Tree bar in NYC, drinking them out of Malibu and talking in an Irish accent all night. Definitely unforgetable.

10. My Gram outdoing the peacocks every 4th of July and embarrassing the hell out of my mom and Auntie.

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